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Human Touch

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How does Human Touch move your managers?

By subscribing to Human Touch, you get access to the online toolkit for a period of one year for a determined number of users (managers or other staff you select).

What can you expect?

  • Immediately from the start an efficient use of the internet site. A 3 hours lasting introduction workshop paves the way for your users/managers
  • More than 50 practical tools to implement change more effectively: checklists, questionnaires, templates,assessments,…to put the theory easily into practice
  • Several search methods to find smoothly answers to your questions.
  • The opportunity of extending and integrating company-specific change models or tools.

What does a subscription consist of?

  • Access to the Human Touch-website with all text and tools;
  • A 3 hrs introduction workshop (included in the subscription fee);
  • Monthly Newsletter full of tips, user advice and innovations;
  • Optional: specialized workshops on issues integrated in Human Touch

Getting curious?

Please feel free to contact us and learn more about the Human Touch subscription rates. We gladly come to you for an optional acquaintance or demo.