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Human Touch

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Focus on the "human touch"

There are several ways to approach reality. Also regarding organizations and change. The development of Human Touch is based upon the ‘human touch’ of change. Our vision is to offer an alternative to a unilateral approach to human beings as purely rational.


Organizational change creates a given context for managers and employees. This context determines their behavior.  People act from giving sense to reality, from an interpretation of the context and of the change itself. This may differ from person to person. One who wishes to understand behavior and change the community successfully, will therefore need to pay attention to these subjective elements.


The toolkit Human Touch maximally responds to this. You will recognize our vision in each of the chapters, and especially in the selection of tools. They will give you a better understanding of behavior of managers and employees, and then improve your efforts in informing, motivating and engaging people in change.


We invite you to read more about the background of Human Touch in the integrated vision paper of the project team 2007 - 2008 of the K.U.Leuven (paper in Dutch).