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Human Touch

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How do you ensure that managers in your organization implement change in an efficient way? Without the cost of continuous monitoring by external change coaches?

Human Touch gets your managers moving.

Based upon many years of practice, Human Challenge gathered in a toolkit the theory and 50 tools for successful leadership in change implementation. Purposefully selected in order to jump into action.


We decided to create Human Touch from our experience that top and middle management in organizations are often trained on some specific items of change management, but rarely get an overall view and the right instruments to manage the whole process until the very end.


Human Touch provides you now with this theoretical framework and the relevant tools.


A team of 8 students of the K.U.Leuven, Faculty of Educational Sciences 2007 – 2008, developed the academic background of the toolkit. In 2012-2013 the toolkit has been screened by another group of six students as part of their course ' Project learning Labour education'. They explored new options in order to update the content and optimize the use of the website.



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